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Searching for a Better Home Loan ?

Whether you are a first home buyer, or a seasoned investor, finding a home loan that best meets your needs can be a challenging process. The problem is one of excessive choice. There are dozens of lenders to potentially consider and hundreds of home loans.

Unless you are someone who has made a decision to dedicate days to conducting research into the full range of available home loans, you may be well advised to seek the assistance of a Mortgage Professional. Best is not always about the lowest rate or the absence of fees – although it may be. When it comes to home loans, what is best for you may not be best for someone else.

Therefore it is important to first identify your needs. It may be that you need a low deposit home loan. Perhaps you are self employed and require assistance in sourcing the best low doc mortgage. You may need a good construction loan, or one which offers a line of credit. Then there is the choice between fixed and variable rates, the choice between interest only or principle and interest, and so on.

Best Home Loans Au is affiliated with a national network of professional mortgage brokers. Your inquiry will be assessed and compared to hundreds of possible home loan options. Our brokers have access to state of the art software which enables them to conduct a search and choose a range of home loans that are a good fit for your circumstances.

This service is completely free. If you would like, a mortgage broker can come and visit you in your home to discuss you home loans needs. They can answer whatever questions you may have about your borrowing capacity, loan features and the whole finance process. They can also compare home loans for you.

You may have heard about an offer from a particular lender but you are not sure if it represents good value. Our brokers can explain the difference between home loan offers to ensure that you end up with a ‘best fit’ home loan. If you need income protection insurance or life insurance quotes click on the link

Home Loans News & Updates

Will home loan rates go any lower?

April 3, 2013, 4:33 am

This is certainly the question on the lips of most borrowers who are faced with the decision to fix now or wait a little longer. RBA has left interest rates on hold once again yesterday, saying that the property market appears to be recovering and does not need any more incentive at the moment. There …

Want to pay less for your home loan – here is how!

March 20, 2013, 5:45 am

We all want to pay as little as possible for all our debts and loans, but especially our home loan. After all it is probably the largest loan that the majority of Australians will hold. There are a number of things that borrowers can do to ensure that their home loan is costing them as …


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